The Wonders of Dapagliflozin for Type 2 Diabetes patients

Who says Diabetic patients cannot enjoy delicious food? Well honestly speaking that was my initial perception about it. But you know what, it is not. Being a diabetic patient really changes once lifestyle, you need to be cautious about the food you take, you should always check your blood sugar or just always think anything that is healthy.

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At the event by AstraZeneca held at Epicurious, I got a chance to taste some diabetic friendly foods that I can say, way too different from what I’ve expected. I thought the food would be too bland, tasteless and just meh. But it was not. It was prepared by Chef Sau Del Rosario and the food prepared will be part of the recipe book dedicated for Diabetic patients.

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Here are some dishes that was served to us in the event.

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A sweeter life with Type-2 Diabetes

It was said that Asians are more prone to Diabetes. A study shown that some Filipinos migrating to other western countries die early because of the increase of visceral fat in the body. That is why it is suggested that even if we have a normal BMI it is better to be cautious about the food we eat.

Living with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) requires consistency, discipline, and a clear plan to achieving the treatment goals that doctors advise patients to pursue. Good thing there are new drugs that can help diabetes patient reduce blood sugar while supporting weight loss and blood pressure reduction.

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Available in the Philippines since 2014, Dapagliflozin has been used effectively to treat more than 20,000 Filipinos with type-2 diabetes. According to the International Journal.of Clinical Practice, taking Dapagliflozin strongly indicate a significant reduction of blood sugar throughout the spectrum of type 2 diabetes compared to other drugs.

Dapagliflozin has been lauded for a reducing blood sugar levels of patients with additional health benefits. Patients routinely show weight loss and lower overall blood pressure, which is a great for patients struggling with the lifestyle adjustment necessary for managing type 2 diabetes.” – Dr. Rima Tan, President of Diabetes Philippines.

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