Achieving No Flaws with Flawless Facial for Men (3+2 Promo)

Being a man doesn’t excuse us in getting a pimple. And once you have it, a guy who takes care of himself  would not just let that zit sit there, he will find a way to take it away. And the best way to do it is not just pricking it instantly, but to seek a guidance of a dermatologist.

A guy visiting a dermatological clinic nowadays aren’t an awkward thing anymore. A growing number of male customers are regularly enjoying a facial or maybe a diamond peel.  And if you are what I’m talking about, read on, you might be interested on what I have done a few days ago.

alagang flawless

I recently visited the preferred aesthetic beauty clinic for face, body and medical services in the PhilippinesFlawless Face and Body Clinic (Flawless). It’s one of the fast growing clinic that are strategically located for easy access and is also the only mass market beauty clinic managed by professional dermatologists with some 35 clinics nationwide.


Sleeping late in the morning and up the whole night, I guess is the main reason why I’ve been experiencing a great growth of pimples in my face. So I head on to one of the branches of Flawless and tried different services. I was greeted by well trained staff, and was asked to have a short assessment from the resident Dermatologist. I was given some suggestions and was recommended for my pimples to be injected to subside fast.

FLAWLESS_Everything they used for each customer is new and sterilized properly. 

Three of my zits were injected at the end of the session. Each injection costs Php 150, it will reduce the inflammation and will subside from one to two days.

Flawless Facial for Men: Advance Real Gentlemen Facial

I also tried a Flawless facial for men which they call the Advance Real Gentlemen Facial (Php 980) which is specially crafted for men. The facial includes a mask that contains active vegetal carbon, which absorbs impurities, fat and catabolic substances, as well as stimulates and tones the facial muscles—providing deep cleansing and contouring of the facial structure. It also has decongesting and refreshing actions that restore the skin’s moisture balance and decreases oil production—leaving skin fresh and radiant.


Right after, I was given a nano power peel, it’s a superficial peel that removes the top layer of skin, brightens the pigmentation and dark spots. After which, a special type of mask was putted on me that says to reduce oil production in the face.


Beauty Takeoff: 3+2 Promo

You should try this service guys! Specially now, Flawless got a beauty takeoff promo called 3+2. All you have to do is book 3 sessions of the same service and get 2 more services for FREE. Credits are transferable so you may share sessions with family and friends. Promo starts from June 12 up to August 31, 2015 and redemption of the free sessions is until October 31, 2015. The 3+2 promo for the Advance Real Gentlemen Facial + Nano Powerpeel (Php 2,580) will only cost you Php 7,740.00.


Check out the 3+2 services on their website or visit the clinic near you. Follow my journey by subscribing.

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