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I may seem a bit reserve when I visited Viktor Jeans recently but deep inside I was ecstatically happy! Not only because I would have a chance to meet personally the designer (#teehee) behind the brand (I’ve been a fan of his work even before we met), get some personal tips and most specially own my first Viktor Jeans. If your looking for a topnotch maker of customized jeans here in the metro – Viktor Jeans is the answer you are looking for.

viktor custom jeans

I came in the store 30 minutes late behind schedule, Ino Caluza (Viktor Jeans) and the rest of the staff just finished there late lunch, perfect timing to start the whole process of choosing my right fit. The store was simple and straightforward. You can basically see that the owner of the store loves linear construction with a minimal and edgy look. At both sides, you can get a peak of the designs available that are in season. Going straight passing the curtain is where the action is happening. This is where they get the right fitting for their clients.

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As what Viktor says, “A pair of Viktor can get you laid” – let’s see if this line works on me.

viktor jeans 01

Having a customized jeans from Viktor is easy. First you will be measured, next you will be asked to to choose  a fabric as well as the kind and color of the thread to be used. Even the back and side pockets design are personalized. You will be given as well an option if you want your jeans to be in zipper or buttons. After signing up some papers all you need to do next is to wait for a week to pick up your new jeans. By the way, you can visit Viktor at Trinoma or Greenbelt 5 branch. 

viktor in greenbeltfinding the perfect clothmeasuring at viktorcloth at viktorpaparazzi ino caluza

But if your too lazy to do some decision making with your new pair, don’t worry, Viktor got a pre-designed jeans that you can try on.

viktor jeansviktor jeansviktor pouchlord viktor

Ino also shared me some tips on how to choose the right jeans for my body type. I was happy to be told that I got a model-standard sizing, meaning I can just pick a pair in his rack and I’m good to go. But my problem area is my thigh, its long and a bit thin, usually called as chicken legs. And for those guys who also have the same problems like I do, click here to check out some tips Ino have shared to me.

viktor jeans passport

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