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Dry and itchy skin is not new to me.  There was this moment in my life where I use to play with my skin where in I usually wrote down my name in to it using my nail and show it to my friends. I was having fun back then without knowing that it was an issue that I’ve need to address.

Growing up I realized that having a smooth skin (from dry and itchy skin) is better than making it fairer. I’m happy with my color but making it smoother and not dry is something I’m continuously working on. According to statistics, 60-70% of Filipino women are affected with dry and sensitive skin.

physiogel tablePhysiogel was introduce to me by a friend and told me that it could greatly help me solve my dry and itchy skin. I’ve been using it for quite sometime and I did see some difference. Recently, Physiogel launches the new Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy line featuring the unique Physiogel BioMimic Technology that works to soothe and repair the skins natural moisture barrier. bianca valero for physiogel

I like physiogel because its non-comedogenic, meaning its a product that does not causes block pores, and is a free from soap, preservatives, perfumes and colourants. Suited not just for us but even for babies.

New Physiogel’s #FreeinmySkin Movement

I'm an inspiring Innovator - Creative, trendsetting, and ready to accomplish my freedom list.

This is a glimpse of my personality based on the result given from the short questionnaires from the freedom list challenge. Physiogels #FreeinmySkin Movement aims to help individuals to be more aware of themselves so they can uncover their full potentials.

The Freedom List Challenge starts with a 5-question quiz

  1. Which fitness activities give your skin a post-workout glow? (My Answer – Strength Training at the Gym)
  2. Your potential is limitless, so what’s your dream job? (CEO of my own company)
  3. How do you like to show off your beautiful, strong sensitive skin? (In active gear for sun, surf and sand)
  4. Everybody has a dream “to do” list. What tops yours? (Mastering a foreign language)
  5. What is your dream holiday? (Ocean excursion cruising to remote island) 

Results could either reflect a personality; savvy collaborator, inspiring innovator, charismatic motivator, and elegant sophisticate, revealing worthwhile hints that may help you embrace and live life to the fullest.

physiogel grand launch

I took this test at the Physiogel launch held at Shangri-la Manila. The brand amabassador Patti Grandidge was also there and took the test herself. Take on the test and find out more about your self, visit with rodel neena chinchin  

Until our next trip in the City!
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