Chef Jonas Ng is the “Chef Next Door”

We Filipinos have this custom of sharing cooked foods to our neighbors. It was like our way of creating a bond to them, making them feel that they are welcome to our doors. Your lucky if your neighbor giving you food cooks well. You’ll be luckier if you got a Chef living next door! You’ll get to taste your neighbors gourmet cooking for free!

But if you haven’t, it’s okay, because Chef Jonas is here to help you create a savory restaurant like dishes with ingredients you can find at your home.

chef jonas of le jardin

Chef Next Door‘ premiers this July 20 (Monday on the lifestyle TV). Veteran chef and restaurateur Jonas Ng joins Lifestyle this month as he debuts his first cooking show “Chef Next Door” that is oozing with wit, science, humor, and sexiness.

chef jonas

At the invitation of my friend Chef Hasset Go (co-owner of Le Jardin), I got a chance to meet Chef Jonas, got to taste his cooking and glimpse of what his new show in Lifestyle have to offer.

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It was my first to visit Le Jardin, it was fancy looking something you’ll expect in there location in W Fifth Building in BGC, but will review the restaurant on another post. For now lets just talk about Chef Jonas.

le jardin nognog in the city

I got a chance to view a few clips from the episode, and what made me hook (aside from the mouthwatering plating) is Chef Jonas’ approach, it shows not just techniques in cooking but also reveals Chef Jonas’ quirkiness. The opening billboard concept was a hands down.

le jardin event

What sets ‘Chef Next Door’ apart is how Chef Jonas shows the reality of cooking obstacles, restaurant quality processes plus creating a restaurant-quality food that can be prepared from home.Chef Next Door” will air regularly on Lifestyle every Mondays at 10PM, Tuesdays at 5:30 am, Wednesday at 5:30 pm, and Fridays at 12mn and 9:30pm. The show is a a joint production venture by The Group Entertainment, Outpost Visual Frontier, and Isharp Creatives Inc,.

Until our next trip in the City!
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