Stuck & Spotted (Memo Owl Polo)

It’s been four straight days of non-stop raining and going out of the house is a challenge. The bed weather is to blame for this crazy laziness I feel (most of us do feel). If only I could be in bed the whole day, I would. But I can’t, I got work to do. So I head on and do the usual stuff.

Today, I plan to attend a meeting at one, then will do a short video edits and meet a friend in the evening. Thinking of clothes to wear that are suitable in different activities for a day are sometimes a problem that I encounter, wearing a shirt would feel too casual for a meeting, but if I wear perhaps a long-sleeves button down with a coat,  too over for a casual date.

Good thing I spotted this new pslimolo launched by Memo. The Memo Owl Polo is a new line of tops designed to be both versatile and fashionable. They come in basic colors and printed variations, accented with colorful tipping and a unique gingham check inside the collar. The slim fit polos are made of no less than cotton-blend pique fabric, perfect for our tropical weather to wear during work or play.


The polos are easy to match with a pair of denims and chinos for that spontaneous weekend date or with dress pants for smart casual events.  They can be worn almost anywhere at any time. At affordable prices, these polos appeal to those who know how to be both professional and fun.

Professional and fun, sounds like me! Memo Owl Polo is definitely a young and game-changing product line of polos that suits my needs.

memo apparel x nognog 01memo apparel x nognog 02memo apparel x nognog 03memo apparel x nognog 04memo apparel x nognog 05memo apparel x nognog 06Polo, Denim Jacket, Pants and Socks from MEMO

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