Beep – Personal Event Organizer App Launch

Remember the Beeper you use to see on your dads pocket that receives short text messages, that was so in the 90’s . My dad use to have that and on that year, I felt my dad was so in in the technology arena. But that was so yesterday.

Beeper then, Beep now. Aspire Tech Corporation now has created a different function and definition to Beep.

Beep – Personal Event Organizer  is the first mobile full fledged Event Organizer app in the Philippines. Beep helps you organize your events on various functions; such as invitations, location booking, chat, reminders, directions, participants and attendance tracking. Created by Aardvark Media Private Limited from Singapore, beep is co-founded by one of our local pinoy talent, Mr. Roy Charles Salanga.

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I discovered this new app from a friend who invited me over at the bloggers night event held at the basement of Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila.

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It was a useful app not just for people who organizes event but as well as to individuals who would just wanted to invite friends on different occasions like anniversary, party, launch or even just a simple dinner or get-together.

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Check out the app and download it now in app store or the play store.

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