Anytime is Shakey’s Time with the new Shakey’s App

Have you ever had that kind of experience that you were too busy in a day you forgotten it was your special day or maybe a special day of your special someone. Well, I had that once, I was too busy doing events the whole day, I actually forgotten to celebrate my birthday.

Ending up the day, realizing I have not celebrated my birthday, so I ended up, finding a local restaurant to feast all by my self. If only I had an idea then for the food to be delivered at home, I guess celebrating my birthday would even be better!

Flordeliz Family at Shakeys

Here’s a life saver to those who are having the same kind of trouble, or if you only wanted to have a break anytime, anywhere.


After the success of Shakeys 77-777 delivery and website, our all time favorite restaurant released its newest platform. Now you can order Shakey’s anytime anywhere with the new Shakey’s App.


Capitalizing on convenience and efficiency by bringing the whole store at the palm of everyone’s hands, the New Skaykey’s App can now be use for delivery at the comfort of your home or to a special friend.

The mobile application can be access by downloading the App in Play Store or App Store. It is so easy to use;

  1. Launch Shakey’s everywhere.
  2. Choose if you’re ordering for yourself or to send a friend
  3. Choose if you have a SuperCard, to proceed and get one (to be added in your cart), or to proceed without one.
  4. Register by entering your delivery and contact information, or sign in with your Shakeys, Facebook.
  5. Start ordering by choosing from eh menu provided
  6. You will receive an email confirmation with your translation details which you can also view through the Profile tab in the mobile app.
  7.  You may check your SuperCard details, current points and point benefits.

For more that 40 years, Shakey’s has shared good times and great memories with their beloved guests. Now, in the age of technology and innovation, Shakey’s has once again proven that it can bake up with the times and come up with new things for their guests to love. So whether you dial, click or tap, you can have Shakey’s Time! Anytime, anywhere.


Do you have any story to share? Download the App now and share to me your experiences.

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