Levi’s Red Tab Sneakers

This season, Levi’s presents a new range of sneakers inspired by the laid-back cool that is synonymous with California street style. The iconic brand made its mark in denim jeans over the years, spawning a cult following that eventually made a pitch for sneakers whose design is reminiscent of the classic Levi’s denim pants. This convinced Levi’s that it was time to give what the fans want—and Levi’s Red Tab sneakers came off the assembly line.

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As stylish as they are comfortable, Levi’s Red Tab sneakers are made from the highest quality denim and come in High Tops, Low Tops, and a range of other heights and shapes. This new collection takes inspiration from the renowned heritage of the brand, which is the iconic denim Levi’s is famous for.

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What sets this new line of sneakers apart from other brands is the use of advanced performance materials that adapt to the way the owner wears them—just like everyone’s favorite pair of Levi’s jeans.

Levi’s Red Tab sneakers are also perfect for people who are fond of denim-on-denim outfits. Boasting supreme comfort as one of its features, this pair of sneakers likewise offers versatility and aesthetically pleasing looks that will complement everybody’s outfit of the day.

With details such as the iconic Red Tab label, signature stitching, and the use of authentic Cone denim, these sneakers are true classics that can be paired with everything.

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We have received requests from our loyal fans to have sneakers that go with the classic denim pants that Levi’s is known for. We are proud of this line because it represents what Levi’s is all about—and that is style and functionality,” said Kaths Laudit, Levi’s Philippines marketing head. “Levi’s Red Tab sneakers are perfect for various events—whether these call for rugged, casual, or even semi-formal wear.

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