In between Heights and Hamburger Shirt

Hungry? Or just dizzy? Or maybe both?

Well sit around and take a rest on a Sunday morning and view this quick outfit post from my recent visit from Baguio city hosted by Azalea Residences. Wore the hamburger shirt on the third day when we had a chance to visit Ben cab, Mines view and try to be Silversurfer at Treetop adventure.

It was a super fun experience (treetop) but if you have problems with heights, facing this kind of activity could be a big problem or could be great as well to face it. Or decide to be left behind and just eat burgers instead. Lol!

mr gugu and miss gomr gugu and miss go 01mr gugu and miss go 02mr gugu and miss go 03mr gugu and miss go 04mr gugu and miss go 05mr gugu and miss go 06mr gugu and miss go 07mr gugu and miss go 08

What I’m wearing: Pullover from Mr. Gugu and Ms. Go; shorts from Giordano; Shoes from Penshoppe ; Watch from Veloci

 More Photos Click here

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