Beijing Jiao Foot Massage with Crystal Based Holistic Healing

What can an hour of massage do? A relief from a stressful day, or maybe an amazing quite time for your self. But what if someone tells you, they can do even more, saying you could be a different person after a massage? Will you try it?

Well I did try it and will tell the story on what happened, keep on reading.

Yesterday, Ruth invited me over to try this new spa located in Shaw BoulevardMandaluyong City. Opened just a few months ago, Beijing Jiao Foot Massage takes wellness in a new perspective, blending traditional Chinese Reflexology and crystal -based holistic healing.


You heard it right! Crystals! It was my first time to learn such combination making me more excited to try the services. We met Sir. Charlie and his friend (who is a Crystal expert) and they explained to us, how and why they thought of putting this kind of spa services.


Having a Chinese decent, Sir. Charles thought that putting up a massage in this area capitalizing on foot reflexology could be something of an advantage knowing that they have something different to offer in the existing market. And that difference is by tapping his friend who knows about the power of crystals.

From what I understood, his friend explained that there are particular properties in crystals (being part of nature like leaves, metal or even animals) that can be beneficial to humans.


The conversation gets really more interesting, Ruth and I wouldn’t want to wait any longer to try what they can offer. So we picked our prepared services, headed on to the couples room and readied our selves for relaxing evening.


Beijing Jiao have an initial three variants which they are planning to expand very soon.

Beijing Jiao Foot Massage Services

Prosperity Dip – is the SIGNATURE MASSAGE WITH A TOUCH OF THE “royal mixture made with therapeutic-grade essential  oils. You can enjoy the healing benefits of the premium crystals delivered in this massage.

Stress Redress  – is a supreme rest and relaxation experience. Enjoy the finest of aromatherapy whit the rebirth tincture. Complete with their signature massage that incorporates the healing benefits of revitalizing crystals.

Fountain of Youth Signature massage with a touch of their life stream tincture for aromatherapy

Each sessions lasts from 80, 100 or 120 minutes. And because I’m so stressed-up, I picked the Stress Redress variantsBeijing Jiao Foot Massage Spa has individual rooms (and Couples as well) with customized lazy boys (for a more comfortable massage).


How to get to Beijing Jiao Foot Massage?

From Shaw MRT Station, you can take jeepney to JRU (going to shaw). From Manila, take jeepney going to Pasig or Megamall. Beijing Foot Massage is right in front of Jose Rizal University.


The Chinese Reflexology and the Crystal Experience.


At first holding when I was holding the crystal, I felt like I was inside the Harry Potter book with a quest to find this missing crystals, and with it I can do magic. But here in Beijing Jiao there ain’t no magical spells or even dragons to slay, only a muscle pain to cure.

We started by having our foot soak in a hot water an added essence. We were also given a bud where a hint of lavender can be smelled. It helps us feel more relax. On the background, an audio of a calm woman’s voice filled the whole room (I think it was the one being used in Yoga class). Ruth and I were to loud in the whole start of the process, we were just happy and amaze on the new things the masseur are preparing and doing. Good thing we were only the client for that night.


After the first part, a relaxing foot massage was next all the way to the head, hands and back. Since the spa carried the name “Foot Massage“, I think 60 or 70% of the whole process is concentrated on the foot area.


Joy (my masseuse) used crystal spheres to massage my back. This improves blood circulation as well as easing the pain plus it rejuvenates tired muscles. The other crystal (which is the conical/elongated shape) was used on the foot area. It felt like a breather, I instantly feel the relief on my back, and each press at my foot felt like a jolt that is a combination of pleasure and displeasure.

After another round of massage, Joy uses this interesting instrument that looks like a small hammer. She uses it to massage my foot and legs. It was surprising at first yet each slam felt good.

The massage ended up at the back and I felt sleepy so I stayed a little longer in bed. I just wish I could stay a little bit more and have a relaxing sleep in that room. But a cup of peppermint tea was already waiting for us outside.


So, did I felt different after the massage? Well physically, I’m the same person, but internally I felt lighter and relieved from too many stress elements attached on to me when I arrived at the spa. I guess that’s what they mean about that line. Too feel that change within yourself right after the massage.

Do you want to try a relaxing massage using Chinese reflexology incorporated with healing, holistic power of crystals? Check out the Beijing Jiao Foot Massage.



Beijing Jiao Foot Massage is located at 71 Shaw Blvd., (located on the 2nd floor) Mandaluyong City. It is open from 1 pm to 12 midnight and you may call 347-6168 or 0922-8176168. Follow them on E-mail them at Massage starts at Php 500 for 80-minute massage.

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