Uniqlo “UT YOU TALK”

Continuing to carved a unique niche for the consumers, Uniqlo launches a new campaign in time for the global brand’s third anniversary in the country. Coined as the “UT YOU TALK”, consumers where given the chance to make powerful statements about their personal style in their own creative way.

More than just a t-shirt, UT shirt got hundreds of limited edition T-shirts to choose from. I’m very excited to try some actually, some of my favorites includes Tin-Tin, Star Wars, Line Characters, Wu-tang to name a few. I am excited to do shopping already, but before I do that let me tell you first what happened at the launch held at SM Megamall Fashion Hall a few days ago.

It was May 28, 2015, SM Megamall Fashion hall was filled with crowd in hopes to see their idols, the newest ambassadors of the brand Uniqlo, Yeng Constantino and Alex Gonzaga. Hosted by Joyce Pring, the UT Youth Talk aimed to let consumers do that talking by wearing statement tees. Does in the event, we were given a chance to speak up our mind, personally I answered one of the questions thrown by Alex Gonzaga, and it was all about my greatest fears and the way on how to conquer it.

I have this fear of failing or failure, and it really affects how I think and how I do things. I have lost many opportunities because of having this kind of fear. And I realize that, thus to conquer it, I just have to accept the fact that everybody fails and its part of being human. Failure keeps our feet into the ground and without failure there could be no new learning.

By the way, home-grown brand Jollibee joined Uniqlo in promoting the “joys fits all” campaign. The Jollibee tees are now out in the market and are up to be sold starting June 1, 2015.

You can also have the chance to be seen at Uniqlo’s big LED screen in EDSA, check this link here to find out how: Be seen in Uniqlo’s LED Billboard on EDSA


For more information visit  www.uniqlo.com/ph or like their Facebook page here. You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter (@uniqlophofficial).


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