Enjoy 25% off using your Citi Credit Card when you dine at Vikings

Eat like a king and get 25% discount when you dine at select Vikings restaurant when dine in groups of 5 adults or more and pay using your Citi credit card.

The promo can be availed from now until September 30,2015 and is in-line with Citi credit cards celebration of its 25th anniversary of leadership.

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Achieving No Flaws with Flawless Facial for Men (3+2 Promo)

Being a man doesn’t excuse us in getting a pimple. And once you have it, a guy who takes care of himself would not just let that zit sit there, he will find a way to take it away. And the best way to do it is not just pricking it instantly, but to seek a guidance of a dermatologist.

A guy visiting a dermatological clinic nowadays aren’t an awkward thing anymore. A growing number of male customers are regularly enjoying a facial or maybe a diamond peel. And if you are what I’m talking about, read on, you might be interested on what I have done a few days ago.

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Street Swagging (New Era Cap)

A hat is not just a hat,for me it is more of a cover, an accent that could change how you carry your self as you wear it. If your wear a beanie or a bobble hat it may signify that your in cold, a flat cap on the other hand is a manly piece that exudes country life, if you wear a fedora, it may show pride. Wearing a cap can definitely changes how you present your self.

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‘Me and My Milk’ Advocacy by Birch Tree & DeptEd

With the aim to encourage school age kids to regularly drink milk at home and even in school, New Birch Tree Fortified partnered with Department of Education and Marylindbert International in an advocacy entitled “Me and My Milk”.

New Birch Tree Fortified will bring this advocacy program to different public schools in the Philippines to encourage regular milk drinking through innovative education programs, learning materials and activities.

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First look at the New Era Manila Branch

Wearing caps has been my basic even before I’ve become a blogger. Aside from the swag, It’s my easy escape whenever I’m too lazy to fix my hair, guys, I know you know that! For all my readers who also do love wearing caps, read on, you’ll probably would love the news I’m about to tell you.

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The Right Fit at Viktor Jeans

I may seem a bit reserve when I visited Viktor Jeans recently but deep inside I was ecstatically happy! Not only because I would have a chance to meet personally the designer (#teehee) behind the brand (I’ve been a fan of his work even before we met), get some personal tips and most specially own my first Viktor Jeans. If your looking for a topnotch maker of customized jeans here in the metro – Viktor Jeans is the answer you are looking for.

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Tips in Picking the perfect Jeans for Guys with Chicken Legs

Visiting Viktor Jeans does not just give me the opportunity to own my first custom made pair (and get laid as what they said), but also given a chance to learn an added information I can use frequently. What was stuck in my mind was the tips Ino Caluza has parted on me while we were doing the whole process.

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The power of your Php50 in Tattoo GoSURF50

Have you ever been in the situation where in you were at the height of your online gaming when suddenly it was cut because of the limited data usage. Well Globe subscribers here is some good news for you! With your Php 50 you can now enjoy more!

Tattoo GoSURF50 has been upgraded to provide on-the-go broadband customers the leisure of playing games without worrying about data allocation. Experience a higher data allocation of 300mb from 250mb plus enjoy an additional 400mb of free data to access games and Spotify – all these for the value of only Php 50 valid for 3 days.

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The solution for your Dry and Itchy Skin – Physiogel

Dry and itchy skin is not new to me. There was this moment in my life where I use to play with my skin where in I usually wrote down my name in to it using my nail and show it to my friends. I was having fun back then without knowing that it was an issue that I’ve need to address.

Growing up I realized that having a smooth skin is better than making it fairer. I’m happy with my color but making it smoother and not dry is something I’m continuously working on. According to statistics, 60-70% of Filipino women are affected with dry and sensitive skin.

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Chef Jonas Ng is the “Chef Next Door”

We Filipinos have this custom of sharing cooked foods to our neighbors. It was like our way of creating a bond to them, making them feel that they are welcome to our doors. Your lucky if your neighbor giving you food cooks well. You’ll be luckier if you got a Chef living next door! You’ll get to taste your neighbors gourmet cooking for free!

But if you haven’t, it’s okay, because Chef Jonas is here to help you create a savory restaurant like dishes with ingredients you can find at your home.

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