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It’s been a while since the last time I’ve visited a spa and be seen like this, with staff tending to my needs. It’s just a breather to experience that once in a while you’ll be able to have a relaxing day away from your job and irregular events plus the traffic in EDSA, too stressful to even think about.

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Beep – Personal Event Organizer App Launch

Remember the Beeper you use to see on your dads pocket that receives short text messages, that was so in the 90’s . My dad use to have that and on that year, I felt my dad was so in in the technology arena. But that was so yesterday.

Beeper then, Beep now. Aspire Tech Corporation now has created a different function and definition to Beep.

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A new Chapter – Under the Dome Season 3

When I was a child, I used to watch this cartoon (which I forgotten already) that uses a transparent force-field that appears whenever the antagonists are attacking the base. I was hooked watching it that sometimes I imagine myself wearing an invisible force field to protect my self to possible enemies (comparable to Gaara from Naruto).

Recently, I’ve learned that a TV series was already been created inspired from an invisible dome. Now on it’s season 3, RTL-CBS presents “UNDER THE DOME”. It was my first time to watch this series, I was a bit disconnected at first but as the story pursue I’ve became very intrigue.

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Readers Digest to honor the Philippine’s Most Trusted Brands

Trust. It takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Our lives are fueled by trust and our decisions, whether personal or professional are influenced by the confidence we have in these relationships.

In an era where too much information has its benefits and disadvantages, trust is that one factor that remains constant. Once trust is established, it becomes an instinctive response – the consumer buys the brand without so much as a second thought because they can relate to it as “their” brand.

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A Dash of Summer (Puerto Nirvana, Puerto Galera)

Summer is all about colors, and being playful can make it ever more fun! But what if you tend to wear it a few days after summer? Well then, consider it as a last hurrah to the fun under the sun!

A few days ago (after summer season), I had a chance to visit for the nth time, Puerto Nirvana in Puerto Galera, Mindoro. It was raining hard in Metro Manila and good thing the weather in Puerto Galera cooperated with the activities we did on our 3 day stay in the island.

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Globe Telecom brings back the F1 rush with Slipstream 2.0

Country’s no. 1 mobile brand empowers the Filipino dream to conquer the global F1 stage

The country’s leading mobile brand Globe Telecom brings the Formula One rush to the Philippines once again as it presents Slipstream 2.0, an event celebrating the journey of Marlon Stockinger as the first and only Filipino to make his way into the competitive world of Formula One racing.

Slipstream 2.0 is happening this Saturday, June 27, at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City. From 12NN to 5PM, the public can enjoy driving exhibitions, motorcycle stunts, and car parade and exhibit. Marlon’s famous Lotus-Gravity Charouz Renault 3.5 car will also be on display for public viewing and photo opportunities. Marlon will be at the event to show his amazing driving skills, as well as to meet and greet the lucky winners of the Slipstream contest.

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Contours Body Design Studio offers Laser Fit to Lose Weight

Have you been trying so long to get that perfect body you ever dream off. Or maybe you’ve tried dieting and taking in different medications just to get rid off your belly fats. I personally have this kind of problems, that is why I enrolled my self in a gym and try to force my self to make it a routine. But even I’ve been working out for months and with my fast metabolic rate, I still feel far from what I’ve wanted to achieve.

If only there’s a faster way to do this …

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Gary Valenciano for Diabetamil

Diabetes is a serious disease. It is a lifelong chronic condition that affects the body’s ability to use the energy found in food. Diabetics do not produce or do not have enough insulin in the body and therefore cannot adsorb the glucose, which creates a build up in the blood and often leads to more serious problems.

Luckily, I’m not diabetic making me enjoy food and other things better. But for those who have diabetes being cautious on what you eat would be very important. I know a lot of you have been researching and finding some ways, even with diabetes, to make life even better

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Anytime is Shakey’s Time with the new Shakey’s App

Have you ever had that kind of experience that you were too busy in a day you forgotten it was your special day or maybe a special day of your special someone. Well, I had that once, I was too busy doing events the whole day, I actually forgotten to celebrate my birthday.

Ending up the day, realizing I have not celebrated my birthday, so I ended up, finding a local restaurant to feast all by my self. If only I had an idea then for the food to be delivered at home, I guess celebrating my birthday would even be better!

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Levi’s Red Tab Sneakers

This season, Levi’s presents a new range of sneakers inspired by the laid-back cool that is synonymous with California street style. The iconic brand made its mark in denim jeans over the years, spawning a cult following that eventually made a pitch for sneakers whose design is reminiscent of the classic Levi’s denim pants. This convinced Levi’s that it was time to give what the fans want—and Levi’s Red Tab sneakers came off the assembly line.

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