Matching Sunglasses for Couples? Why not!

Couples are now avidly planning their next summer getaway, and they’re in for a treat once they see Ideal Vision Center’s (IVC) stylish collection of matching sunglasses.

According to Ideal Vision Center—a leading expert in eye care—UV rays, glare, and eye fatigue are challenges that eyes encounter on a daily basis. Wearing glasses, Dr. Joy Go , (AVP for IVC Marketing) emphasizes, can greatly help in protecting your eyes and reducing chances of eyestrain.

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Fun Times

Here’s a quick peak of what I’ve been doing a few months ago. I was assigned to cover an event at the SM MOA grounds last two months for the yearly Pyro-Olympics Competition. I was there from 3pm till 9pm and to entertain ourselves what we usually do in between takes is to do crazy things in front of the camera. Well, good thing there are some friends who are willing to shoot our craziness. I was with Jelly Kiss (Wish 1075) and Teacher Rachelle on that day.

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Camouflage has become an iconic kind of clothing in our generation. Use mainly by the military for concealment or for disguising, its popularity have become a staple to ones wardrobe.

Came from the French word “camoufler” which means to viel or disguise, camouflage can be usually seen in different variants like snow, chocolate chip, woodland and dessert, which are patterned to suit different environment.

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BTS: Mikael Daez for trip! Magazine by 2Go Travel

Here’s the latest project I did for trip! Magazine by 2Go Travel. As usual I did the BTS Coverage and editing of the video. The Valentine-Summer issue featured the actor Mikael Daez and was released February to March of 2015. Unfortunately I still haven’t got a copy of the magazine, hope they would send me a copy the soonest.

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Sandbar at Puerto Galera

I love interesting landforms weather it be a hill, rock (like Mt. Manalmon), or a beach. The Sandbar at Puerto Galera is something that interests me much when I paid a visit.

Sandbar at Puerto Galera is a tiny strip that connects the island of Mindoro to Boquete Island, which is formerly called as Paniquian Island. Boqueto becomes an island (as to what the locals said) on a high tide. On a low tide you’ll get to sea two beach fronts in one. At the east are the waters of Muelle Bay and to the west is the Balateros Cove. This place is perfect for Windsurfing and other water activities.

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The RoadShow with Jelly Kiss on Wish 107.5

March 07, 2015, It was a Saturday, around 4pm. I got a chance to ride WISH 107.5 bus bound EDSA. The destination, SM by the Bay to witness the 2nd to the last week of the 6th Pyro-Musical Competition. I had fun riding the bus, watching the fireworks, listening to great music and getting to know the Roadshow queen, Jelly Kiss of the FM station Wish 107.5.

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